Sequence Breaking is collecting items in an order not intended by the developers. This is used in most speedruns, as it prevents backtracking in some cases. This page is a list of all sequence breaks in the game by location. Early Pickups can be found here.

Tallon Overworld

Space Jump First

Early Artifact of Chozo

Chozo Ruins

Skipping Hive Mecha

Early Artifact of Lifegiver / Wavebuster

Early Artifact of Wild

Early Ice Beam

Magmoor Caverns

Early Artifact of Strength

Early Ice Spreader

Early Plasma Beam

Phendrana Drifts

Early Wave Beam

Early Artifact of Elder

Early Artifact of Spirit

Phazon Mines

Early Artifact of Newborn

Early Grapple Beam

Early Flamethrower

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