Ruined Courtyard is a room in the Phendrana Drifts region of Metroid Prime.

Without Space Jump

Secret World

Secret World 3

Secret World 3

  • First you're going to have to climb to the top of Ruined Courtyard.
  • Now walk onto the area near the door leading to Thardus. Turn to the right (or whichever direction faces you near the Pirate research labs) and look at the low fencing in front of you. Jump onto the part where the fence meets in a "V", then look up and jump directly into the statue's mouth. Do an awkward-to-describe strafe jump out of the statues mouth and on top of it. Then simply jump on the rock ledge in front of you and jump to your freedom!
  • This was secret world #3 in the original numbering scheme.
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