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Aboretum Gate JumpAgon before Great TempleAlcove
Alpha BloggAmorbisArbor Chamber
ArboretumArtifact TempleBiotech Research Area 1
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Boost GuardianBoss Strategies (Echoes)Burning Trail
Central DynamoChapel of the EldersChozo Ghost
Chozo Ice TempleChozopediaChozopedia:Stub
ChykkaControl TowerCrater Entry Point
Crater Entry Point / Crater Tunnel ACrosswayDark Alpha Splinter
Dark Missile TrooperDark Samus 1Dark Samus 3/4
Dark Suit SkipDouble IS routeDouble bomb jump
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Early Artifact of StrengthEarly Dark BeamEarly Gravity Boost
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Early Plasma BeamEarly Power BombEarly Screw Attack
Early Seeker LauncherEarly Wave BeamEast Atrium
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Elite ControlElite Control AccessElite Quarters
Elite ResearchEmperor IngExtended Dash Jump
Exterior Docking HangarFiery ShoresFlaahgra
Frigate Crash SiteFrigate OrpheonFrost Cave
Frost Cave AccessFrozen PikeFungal Hall A
Fungal Hall BFurnaceGamecube 100% Route
Gamecube Any% RouteGamecube and Wii loading discrepanciesGathering Hall
General Speed TricksGeneral Speedtricks (Echoes)Geothermal Core
Ghetto jumpGravity ChamberGreat Tree Chamber
Great Tree HallGullyGyro Puzzle Skip
Halfpipe bomb jumpHall of the EldersHigh bomb jump
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Sun TowerSunchamberTODO
Tallon CanyonTemple Assembly SiteThardus
The L ButtonThree bomb jumpTorvus Energy Skip
Tower of LightTraining ChamberTransport Access
Transport Tunnel ATransport Tunnel BTransport Tunnel C (Tallon Overworld)
Transport to Magmoor Caverns SouthTransport to Magmoor Caverns WestTransport to Phendrana Drifts North
Transport to Phendrana Drifts SouthTransport to Tallon Overworld EastTransport to Tallon Overworld South (Phazon Mines)
Triclops PitTriple bomb jumpTwin Fires Tunnel
Two bomb jumpUber bomb jumpVentilation Shaft
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Waste DisposalWaterfall CavernWatery Hall
Wii 100% Two-Trip Mines routeWithout Boost Ball: Space Jump First
File:(TAS) Metroid Prime 21% (Low%) in 1-09 by JustinDMFile:1-10 100% SpeedrunFile:110d11e340b5f499204bc54ea6ba5238.jpg
File:11 Tank Early NewbornFile:21% - Phendrana's Edge Tree Dash 3 Times (In a Row)File:21% Crossway Times 5 RTA in 46 seconds
File:21% Great Tree Chamber 5 Times in 2-30File:21% NO UNMOPRHING CrosswayFile:21% SS in 2-38 IGT
File:21% Vent Shaft-PPC AlternativeFile:22 control tower 3.pngFile:A video demonstrating Space Jump First and the difficulties it poses when it's your first try.
File:A video portraying flawless execution of Space Jump First.File:Alpha BloggFile:Arbor Chamber No Plasma
File:Arbor chamber sw no floaty jumpFile:Artifact Temple SWFile:Artifact of Livegiver No Space Jump or Gravity Suit
File:Biotech Research Area 1 - Morph Secret WorldFile:Biotech Research Area 1 Secret WorldFile:Bomb Space Jump (BSJ) Demonstration
File:Boosting in Access TunnelsFile:Boosting in Access Tunnels 2File:Burning Trail Comparison- Roll Jump
File:Burning Trail instant unmorphFile:Chozo Ice Temple No Space JumpFile:Chykka Adult (100% Strategy)
File:Climbing Monitor StationFile:Dash starting point.pngFile:Double Bomb Jump (DBJ) Demonstration
File:Early Artifact of Wild (Bomb Jump)File:Early Artifact of Wild Tutorial (Floaty Jump)File:Early Elder
File:Early GrappleFile:Early Grapple 2File:Early Spirit
File:Elite Control Access itemFile:Emperor Ing 1 - 6% One CycleFile:Emperor Ing Strat - Sunburst
File:Essence nosummontrigger.pngFile:Examples of good R-JumpsFile:FHA SW BSJ
File:FJ- Chapel of the Elders SWFile:FJ- Chozo Ice Temple SWFile:FJ- Frost Cave Access SW
File:FJ- Frozen Pike SWFile:FJ- Phendrana's Edge SWFile:FJ- Quarantine Cave SW
File:FJ- Transport to Magmoor Caverns South SWFile:Faster Grand Abyss WallcrawlFile:Fiery Shores Missile Expansion without Morph Space Jump
File:Frigate Crash Site ItemFile:Frigate Crash Site SWFile:Frigate Crash Site Underwater Climb
File:Frigate Crash Site to Overgrown Cavern ClimbFile:Frost Cave Access SWFile:Fungal Hall B
File:Fungal Hall B reverseFile:GC vs Wii Artifact TempleFile:GC vs Wii Ecore from Furnace
File:GC vs Wii Gathering HallFile:GC vs Wii Reflecting PoolFile:GC vs Wii Ruined Fountain
File:GC vs Wii Temple Security StationFile:Geothermal Core No GrappleFile:Geothermal Core No Spider
File:Glitchless) ) BreakdownFile:Grapple Ledge MissileFile:Gravity Chamber
File:Gravity chamber secret worldFile:Halfpipe MissileFile:High Bomb Jump (HBJ) Demonstration
File:High Horizontal Bomb JumpFile:Hive Mecha SkipsFile:Hive Mecha Skips-0
File:How to one-Cycle Omega PirateFile:Ice Ruins East secret world (no Space Jump)File:Laddered Double bomb jump
File:Life Grove 21% SWFile:MP1 Any% 54 SSFile:MP2 - Annihilator skip without Dark Suit 3 Energy Tanks
File:MP2 - Avoid Losing Your ItemsFile:MP2 Trilogy Any% 2-20 SSFile:Magma Pool Infinite Speed
File:Magma Pool No GrappleFile:Main Plaza Energy TankFile:Metroid Prime-A step-by-step explanation of Space Jump First.
File:Metroid Prime- Ridley Midair Boost SetupFile:Metroid Prime - 0-51 Any% SpeedrunFile:Metroid Prime - 21% & 22% Life Grove Tunnel Discovery
File:Metroid Prime - 53 Any% SpeedrunFile:Metroid Prime - Arbor Chamber SW (FJ)File:Metroid Prime - Artifact Temple SW (FJ)
File:Metroid Prime - Artifact of Newborn BounceFile:Metroid Prime - Ice Beam Before Flaahgra TutorialFile:Metroid Prime - NSJ Tallon Canyon SW alternative
File:Metroid Prime - RTAx5 21% Transport to Magmoor Caverns SouthFile:Metroid Prime - RTAx5 21% Vent ShaftFile:Metroid Prime - Speedrun - Segment 12
File:Metroid Prime - The Sesshoumaru Bomb Jump W-O Space Jump BootsFile:Metroid Prime 21% PAL Demonstration (European Version) Part 8File:Metroid Prime 21% PAL Demonstration (European Version) Part 9
File:Metroid Prime 21% Phendrana's Edge InboundsFile:Metroid Prime 21% SS Speedrun (1-21% SS Speedrun (1-53)File:Metroid Prime 21% SS Speedrun (1-Metroid Prime 21% SS Speedrun 1-43
File:Metroid Prime 21% Single Segment 2-08File:Metroid Prime 2 - Spider Guardian SkipFile:Metroid Prime 2 Echoes - 6% Quad Skip w o MBI Demonstration
File:Metroid Prime 2 Echoes - New Item Loss Skip WallcrawlFile:Metroid Prime Beginner RouteFile:Metroid Prime Early Newborn SW
File:Metroid Prime for the Nintendo GameCube, developed by Retro Studios Inc. and published by Nintendo oFile:Monitor Station Infinite Boost SWFile:Monitor Station No Bombs Space Jump
File:Movement ComparisonFile:Mutated Emperor IngFile:PQ fast missile death
File:Phen down to TPDS saveFile:Position.pngFile:Prime - Elite Research Secret World
File:Quarantine Monitor GhettoFile:RIP Dark Samus 4File:Ridley Flyby Skip
File:Ridley Ground PhaseFile:Root Cave No GrappleFile:Ruined Fountain item (FJ)
File:Ruined Shrine EscapeFile:Ruined Shrine Half Pipe Item without Space JumpFile:Ruined Shrine No SJ
File:Ruined Shrine with Space JumpFile:Ruined galleryFile:Ruins Entrance SW
File:Ruins EntrywayFile:Secret World 1File:Secret World 10
File:Secret World 12File:Secret World 13 15File:Secret World 16
File:Secret World 17File:Secret World 18File:Secret World 19
File:Secret World 2File:Secret World 20File:Secret World 21
File:Secret World 22File:Secret World 23File:Secret World 24
File:Secret World 25File:Secret World 26File:Secret World 3
File:Secret World 31File:Secret World 31 (2)File:Secret World 32
File:Secret World 33File:Secret World 35File:Secret World 38
File:Secret World 38-0File:Secret World 39File:Secret World 4
File:Secret World 40File:Secret World 41File:Secret World 42
File:Secret World 43File:Secret World 44File:Secret World 45
File:Secret World 45-0File:Secret World 45-1File:Secret World 46
File:Secret World 47File:Secret World 48File:Secret World 48-0
File:Secret World 5File:Secret World 6File:Secret World 7
File:Secret World 8File:Secret World 8 (2)File:Secret World 9
File:Secret World 9-0File:Secret World 9-1File:Secret World 9-1428954048
File:Secret World 9-2File:Secret World 9-3File:Secret World 9 (2)
File:Segmented Strat from Workstation to saveFile:Sheegith marks.pngFile:Ship Dash
File:Shorelines Entrance FJ SWFile:Shorelines No Space JumpFile:Space Jump First
File:Space Jump First-0File:Space Jump first landing spot.pngFile:Space Jump first scan dash target.png
File:Spiderless Shafts - Metroid Prime Any% TutorialFile:Storage Cave SWFile:TAS- Transport to Phendrana Drifts North SW
File:TAS- Transport to Tallon Overworld South SW (NSJ)File:TAS Metroid Prime - Any% in 00 37File:TAS Metroid Prime - Sun Tower Without Supers-Spider
File:The R Button Explained A LittleFile:Tower of Light ClimbFile:Training Chamber SW
File:Transport Access SWFile:Transport to Magmoor Caverns WestFile:Transport to Tallon Overworld East SW
File:Triclops Pit SWFile:Triclops Pit itemFile:Triple Bomb Jump (TBJ) Demonstration
File:TutorialFile:Ultimate Bomb Jump (UBJ) DemonstrationFile:Upper Sanctuary Key
File:Upper Sanctuary Key to Sanctuary Energy ControllerFile:Vault Dash SetupFile:Vault Dash Setup-0
File:Vent Shaft Halfpipe Bomb Jump (21%)File:Wavebuster EarlyFile:Wiki-background
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