Gravity Chamber is a room in the Phendrana Drifts region of Metroid Prime.

Without Grapple Beam and Plasma Beam

It is possible to obtain the Missile Expansion in this room without Grapple or Plasma Beam. There are two different methods to this.

Gravity Chamber

Gravity Chamber

Ghetto Jump

  • Get on the rock
  • Ghetto off of the left, then go towards the right. Release L.
  • Do your second jump towards the left again, then curve it back towards the right. If you're low on height, you can do an R-Jump to get more speed.

Scan Dash

This is the alternative and is faster, but it's harder.

  • Stand near the icicle
  • Dash off of the ice. Bend the dash straight right.
  • When you're near the alcove with the Missile, hold L and wedge yourself into it.

Secret World

This room contains a secret world.

Gravity chamber secret world

Gravity chamber secret world

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