Early Artifact of Newborn, also referred to as Early Newborn or ENB, refers to any of the tricks which allow for collection of the Artifact of Newborn without the Phazon Suit. There are two different methods to do this: the in-bounds method, which is done in 100%, and the out-of-bounds method, which is done in Any%.

The In-bounds method

11 Tank Early Newborn

11 Tank Early Newborn

Metroid Prime - Artifact of Newborn Bounce

Metroid Prime - Artifact of Newborn Bounce


Double damage trigger

For this method, you'll need at least 11 Energy Tanks in order to obtain the Artifact. In a 100% run, you'll have 13 here. In a TAS setting, it can be done in 10; although the Out of Bounds method is faster for a TAS.

There are a few important things to note for the Inbounds method:

  • When you first enter the tunnel, you want to blow up the first rock and immediately go back up to reset the Phazon damage rate.
  • You want to make sure your Boosts are as good as possible; stand far back as you're blowing up the rocks to have momentum going to the next one when you Boost.
  • There is a double damage trigger in the tunnel.
  • At the end of the tunnel, you can do a bounce to obtain the Artifact. If done successfully, you will save a full Energy Tank and about 1 second.

To quote the video:

"Basically, in order to maximize consistency with the bounce, you must release your boost AFTER coming into contact with the wall. There is a ~7 frame window after hitting the wall (give or take depending on how fast you are moving when you come into contact with the wall among other variables) in which you can release your boost and still get enough bounce in order to grab the artifact. This is INCLUDING the frame where you first come into contact with the wall. This part is 100% consistent in that you WILL get the bounce if you boost within this window."

The Out-of-Bounds Method

Tutorial by VenMissa

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