Metroid Prime - 0-49 Any% Speedrun

Metroid Prime - 0-49 Any% Speedrun

The current world record speedrun of Any%

Metroid Prime Beginner Route

Metroid Prime Beginner Route

Walkthrough of the Beginner's route. Explains execution of some tricks.

The Double IS route, or the IBBFAF route, is the current fastest known real time-viable Any% route for Metroid Prime. This route has the unusual distinction of being both the fastest route and the "beginners route" due to its modularity; players can skip some or all of the difficult tricks in the route without changing its structure. The vast majority of current players, no matter their skill, use this route.

The fastest single-segment time anyone has achieved with this route is T3's 0:49, which is the current world record.

Additionally T3's run also broke the Frigate Escape record with a time of 5:35:35.

The route is named as such because it requires players to perform the infinite speed (IS) glitch twice: once to get the Artifact of Sun, and again to get the Power Bomb Expansion in Magma Pool. It is sometimes jokingly known as the IBBFAF route due to the fact that players perform the Ice Beam Before Flaahgra (IBBF) wallcrawl after Flaahgra (AF).


This route is convenient in that it allows players to add or remove difficult tricks without changing the rest of the route. There are four main options from which players can choose.

  1. Get Wave Beam in-bounds and do Sun IS to get the Artifact of Sun; replaces Wave/Sun IS.
  2. Do the puzzle in Energy Core and do far Chozo Ruins in-bounds; replaces IBBFAF.
  3. Fight Thardus to get the Spider Ball; replaces Spiderless Shafts.
  4. Get the Artifact of Newborn after obtaining the Phazon Suit; replaces Early Newborn.
  5. Fight Metroid Prime Exo; replaces Exo Skip Wallcrawl.

It is commonly suggested that the harder tricks should be added back into the route in order of increasing difficulty and increasing time savings. This leads to the suggestion that players learn and incorporate the tricks in this order: Spiderless Shafts --> Wave/Sun IS --> IBBFAF --> Exo Skip <--> Early Newborn.


# Item Region Room Notes
1 Space Jump Boots Tallon Overworld Alcove
2 Missile Expansion Chozo Ruins Main Plaza halfpipe
3 Energy Tank Chozo Ruins Main Plaza
4 Morph Ball Chozo Ruins Ruined Shrine
5 Missile Expansion Chozo Ruins Watery Hall Access
6 Charge Beam Chozo Ruins Watery Hall
7 Morph Ball Bomb Chozo Ruins Burn Dome
Missile Expansion Chozo Ruins Gathering Hall optional
8 Varia Suit Chozo Ruins Sunchamber
9 Artifact of Wild (1) Chozo Ruins Sunchamber Early Wild
10 Artifact of Nature (2) Magmoor Caverns Lava Lake
Energy Tank Magmoor Caverns Transport Tunnel A optional
11 Boost Ball Phendrana Drifts Phendrana Canyon
12 Wave Beam Phendrana Drifts Chapel of the Elders optional Wave/Sun IS
13 Artifact of Sun (3) Phendrana Drifts Chozo Ice Temple optional Wave/Sun IS;

otherwise Sun IS

14 Artifact of Strength (4) Magmoor Caverns Warrior Shrine
Missile Expansion Chozo Ruins Ruined Shrine optional; halfpipe
15 Artifact of Lifegiver (5) Chozo Ruins Tower Chamber
16 Power Bomb Expansion Chozo Ruins Magma Pool Magma Pool IS
17 Ice Beam Chozo Ruins Antechamber optional IBBFAF
18 Missile Expansion Tallon Overworld Life Grove Tunnel
19 X-Ray Visor Tallon Overworld Life Grove
20 Artifact of Chozo (6) Tallon Overworld Life Grove
21 Missile Expansion Tallon Overworld Overgrown Cavern via Reflecting Pool
22 Missile Expansion Tallon Overworld Transport Tunnel B
23 Plasma Beam Magmoor Caverns Plasma Processing
24 Artifact of Spirit (7) Phendrana Drifts Storage Cave
Power Bomb Expansion Phendrana Drifts Security Cave optional
25 Artifact of Elder (8) Phendrana Drifts Control Tower
Energy Tank Phendrana Drifts Research Lab Aether optional
26 Thermal Visor Phendrana Drifts Research Core
27 Energy Tank Phendrana Drifts Transport Access
Spider Ball Phendrana Drifts Quarantine Cave optional
28 Power Bomb Phazon Mines Central Dynamo via Magmoor Workstation
29 Artifact of Newborn (9) Phazon Mines Phazon Mining Tunnel optional Early Newborn;

(Discussion thread);

otherwise after Phazon Suit

30 Phazon Suit Phazon Mines Elite Quarters
31 Energy Tank Phazon Mines Processing Center Access
32 Artifact of Warrior (10) Phazon Mines Elite Research
33 Artifact of World (11) Chozo Ruins Elder Chamber via Great Tree Hall
34 Artifact of Truth (12) Tallon Overworld Artifact Temple

Skipped Items

  • Grapple Beam
  • Gravity Suit
  • Spider Ball (optional)
  • Super Missile
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