With Power Bombs

This fight is fairly easy with a Power Bomb


  • As soon as the fight starts, morph.
  • Wait until he swings his arm at you.
  • Roll towards him after he hits you, then lay the Power Bomb right next to him.
  • If he remains in the puddle with 0hp, wait for him to come up and finish him with any kind of shot.

Without Power Bombs

Glitchless) ) Breakdown

Glitchless) ) Breakdown

This strat was found by Dragolina and is currently only used in Echoes Glitchless in combination with darksuit skip because you are low on health and otherwise don´t need to fight Boostball Guardian or have a Powerbomb to instakill it in other categorys.

The theory behind this manipulation is that you can manipulate Boostball Guardian when you are doing a certain ammount of Light Beam shots to beat it rather quickly and consistent.

It is recommended to get all 5 energy tanks that you can get until now before this fight because there are still things that could go wrong or bad if they have the wrong timing.

Step-by-step explanation

First you need to shoot him twice with the light beam (single shots) because it locks boostball guardian in it´s "normal" (damageable) state for exactly 3 rounds of going into it´s liquid state (if you didn´t damaged it anymore) then it always starts to go in it´s "invincible" boost phase.

In these 3 rounds (3 trys) you need to land 1 complete charged light beam shot on it´s liquid state to damage it so much that he will go into it´s idle animation (the one where he puts his legs up) to shoot him again twice with two normal single shots to get him down to either half 1/4 or 1/5 of his complete health.

If you couldn´t hit him in it´s liquid state because he for example came out to fast you should wait a round instead of shooting him because he will otherwise go immediatly into it´s invincible phase instead of attacking and then deforming.

The most consistent continuation after the invincible phase which goes out normal is when it shoots you with

it´s warrior ing typical "dimensionbeam".

If you shoot him while he does that he will get knock backed and the liquid form will be triggered and you can kill it now.

The second way would be that he goes immediately into it´s liquid form or after an attack where you can kill it too now.

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