Metroid Prime 21% SS Speedrun (1-Metroid Prime 21% SS Speedrun 1-43

Metroid Prime 21% SS Speedrun (1-Metroid Prime 21% SS Speedrun 1-43

The 21% route is the main route used for 21% runs of Metroid Prime.

The fastest single-segment time anyone has achieved with this route is Metroid177's 1:43, which is the current world record.


# Item Region Room Notes
1 Missile Launcher Chozo Ruins Hive Totem
2 Morph Ball Chozo Ruins Ruined Shrine
3 Morph Ball Bomb Chozo Ruins Burn Dome
4 Varia Suit Chozo Ruins Sunchamber
5 Artifact of Wild (1) Chozo Ruins Sunchamber Early Wild
6 Artifact of Nature (2) Magmoor Caverns Lava Lake
7 Wave Beam Phendrana Drifts Chapel of the Elders
8 Artifact of Lifegiver (3) Chozo Ruins Tower Chamber
9 Ice Beam Chozo Ruins Antechamber
10 Power Bomb Phazon Mines Central Dynamo
11 Plasma Beam Magmoor Caverns Plasma Processing
12 Artifact of World (4) Chozo Ruins Elder Chamber
13 X-Ray Visor Tallon Overworld Life Grove
14 Artifact of Chozo (5) Tallon Overworld Life Grove
15 Artifact of Warrior (6) Phazon Mines Elite Research
16 Phazon Suit Phazon Mines Elite Quarters
17 Artifact of Newborn (7) Phazon Mines Phazon Mining Tunnel
18 Artifact of Elder (8) Phendrana Drifts Control Tower
19 Artifact of Spirit (9) Phendrana Drifts Storage Cavern
20 Artifact of Sun (10) Phendrana Drifts Chozo Ice Temple
21 Artifact of Strength (11) Magmoor Caverns Warrior Shrine
22 Artifact of Truth (12) Tallon Overworld Artifact Temple

The reason there are 22 items on the list despite the run being a 21% run is that Phazon Suit does not count for %.

Skipped Items

  • Boost Ball
  • Charge Beam
  • Grapple Beam
  • Gravity Suit
  • Space Jump Boots
  • Spider Ball
  • Super Missile
  • Thermal Visor
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